Essay on Ethical, Legal and Regulatory Analysis

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Ethical, Legal and Regulatory Analysis


It has become a growing epidemic for company’s to regulate their ethical and legal standings. From the employee’s working within the company, to those consumers taking in the products and services that the company is shelling out, these specifics are things that just about everyone would like to know. Within each company whether they conduct their business exclusively online, if they are strictly brick and mortar, or even if they dabble a little bit into both to conduct their consumer base, they all have standards that need to be regulated, of which the most talked about are the ethical and legal standings of a company. Discussed below are the
…show more content… utilizes consumer information in order to respond to consumer requests, customize consumer shopping, and improve Amazon’s stores and to communicate with consumers. The most common forms of consumer information that is provided to includes “name, address, and phone numbers, credit care information”; however, more personal information, such as personal description, photograph, and information regarding family and friends may be provided if a consumer participates in other services such as the 1-click ordering, Amazon Friends, and About You features. also explains that if consumers do not provide certain information, that they will not be able to participate in other services. informs consumers that they use “cookies” in order to receive and store automatic information about consumers. Cookies are installed when consumers access’s web site and gather information such as IP address, login, e-mail address, password, browser information, operating systems, and purchase history. utilizes information obtained from cookies to analyze information in order to create features such as Purchase Circles, Top Sellers and Just Like You. While informs consumers that they utilize cookies, they also inform consumers that they can obtain utilities from
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