Ethical Management Processes in an International Company

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Ethical Management Processes in an International Company Introduction There are five things that can be done by the international business and its managers to ensure that ethical issues are calculated into the organization's business decisions. Those five are as follows: (1) hiring and promotion is accomplished within a framework of personal ethics; (2) the organizational culture is constructed with value placed on behavior that is ethical; (3) the organization ensure that leaders not only speak of ethical behavior but follow through in their actions as well; (4) decision-making processes in the organization make the requirement that the ethical aspect of business decisions are considered; and (5) moral courage is developed. (Ethics in International Business, nd) I. Ethical Behavior It is only possible to enable ethical behavior through construction of an organizational culture that places a high value on ethical behavior. The first step in ensuring ethical behavior in the organization is a written code of ethics or formal statement setting out what the organization considers to be ethical practices that should be followed. Secondly, the code of ethics must be more than just a statement of words on paper but must become the living creed of the organization in all that it does. Lastly, the organizational culture must be such that not only values ethical behavior but also that rewards its employees for ethical behavior and likewise deals out punitive rewards for those
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