Ethical, Moral, And Legal Implications Essay

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Taking a Stand As nursing leaders, we will need to understand how to process and respond to a variety of challenging circumstances. According to Manson (2012), there are four domains of ethical constructs that include "codes of professional conduct, ethical principles, law, and personal/moral values" (p. 262). As leaders, being prepared with knowledge related to these domains can support decisions. These steps include consideration for the nursing code of ethical conduct, state and federal health laws, and an awareness of personal morals/values. A conceptual framework should guide decisions and incorporate all of these elements. Furthermore, organizational mission, vision, and values should serve as a foundation that supports a nurse 's professional code of conduct and the law. When these constructs mirror the organizational values, decisions within the setting are supported. All of these standards, collectively, should be embedded within the decision-making process. When misalignment occurs, a dilemma arises. This paper will review the ethical, moral, and legal ramifications surrounding the end of life practices. Additionally, the nurse 's role as it relates to advocacy will be examined. Lastly, specific personal leadership style will be applied to this clinical scenario. End of Life Practices Personal experiences related to the end of life practices surrounding the open heart recovery patient population will be used for this paper. These patients consent to
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