Ethical Practices Within Modern Business Environment And Its Relationship With Business Morals

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A practical ethical behaviour entails behaving in an acceptable way which involves a detailed analysis of what is perceived to be right and wrong.
Interestingly, the majority of people are able to identify unethical behaviour rather than ethical behaviour within the society. For instance, it is obvious to point out any unlawful behaviours within the community such as child abuse cases.
In effect business ethics can simply be defined as the basic fundamental principles and concepts of decent human conduct. To be able to fully understand business ethics, one must be able to study some universal values including equality of all men and women, human rights, being able to be law abiding, responsible and having respect for the rule of law as well as ensuring health and safety (Jackson, 2011).
This Business Ethics asignment will consider Primark’s ethical practices within modern business environment and its relationship with business morals.

Explain the background and development of theoretical ethical approaches: Universalism
The Universalist approach to ethical decision making is similar to the Golden Rule. This approach has two steps. First, you determine whether a particular action should apply to all people under all circumstances. Next, you determine whether you would be willing to have someone else apply the rule to you. Under this approach, for example, you would ask yourself whether paying extremely low wages in response to…
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