Ethical Practices and Values

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Gerry 2 What are ethics? Ethics is a discipline of behaviorism and is always between two people. While many people do not refer to ethics in everyday life, they certainly affect each and every one of us, all of the time. “The Oxford English Dictionary defines “ethics” as “the science of morals; the department of study concerned with the principles of human duty”” (Jews, Christians, Muslims 220). Every interaction that a person has with one another has to do with ethics. Ethics are not subjected only to people, but each of the three monotheistic religions has their own view on ethics as well. I. Judaism: The religious and ethical aspects of the Jewish Sanctity of the Family. Judaism is a monotheistic religion in which the Jewish…show more content…
The closing blessing ends with happiness and leaves everyone full of hope as it speaks of new creation and the Messiah’s coming. The joy produced at the wedding is equivalent and symbolic of the joy that will be experienced when the Messiah comes (Neusner 122). The seven blessings leave the bride and groom and all in attendance feeling hopefulness and joy as they are excited for their marriage. The wedding of the bride and groom resembles, “Zion the Bride, Israel the groom, united now as they will be reunited by the compassionate God-” (Neusner 123). The sanctity of family in the Jewish religion is one of the most important religious traditions and ethical ceremonies in Judaism and while some view it as a duty, Jewish people view it with excitement and fulfillment of God’s will. The marriage of a man and woman within the Jewish community symbolizes the completion of what God created and the unity He intended when creating man and woman, perfection. II. Christianity: The Structure of Christian Ethics. Can you reach Heaven on faith alone? Are doing good deeds enough to get into Heaven? Christianity is not just a religion of good deeds, or faith, but both of them. “Christians of all Gerry 5 stripes have long believed that true faith and good deeds are one and the same”
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