Ethical Principles, Decision And Principle

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In making ethical principles, decision and applying them in this case study scenarios; there are approaches to ethical analysis in addition to ethical systems and principles that will need to be considered especially where power and authority become the main issue and principle. John Rawls (1957) presented an abstract procedure for deciding moral issues. He stated that “moral principles can be developed through inductive logic which is through moral judgments such as common sense, open mind, personal emotions and sympathetic knowledge of humans”. Looking at police abuse of power, (Pollock 2012) described “this as the actions where an officer physically injured or offends a citizen’s sense of dignity. (p.225). When a police officer become corrupt, the citizen’s dignity becomes shattered. Marsh (2006) also stated that power in capitalist societies is not just about formal and institutionalized control and includes the ability to influence the way people think through controlling knowledge and ideas”. (p.121)
The Huffington post (2011), reported that “One of the main causes of corruption in Mexico is the prevalence of drug-trafficking criminals who bribe police and official to either overlook law-breaking or to use their positions of authority to actively assist in criminal activity which personifies the criminal mentality. Police and officials can choose to either cooperate with criminals or be financially rewarded or they can choose to go against organized crime and be
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