Ethical Principles Of Tata Steel

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The General Manager of OMQ Mr.Pankaj Satija has a say on this initiative that “Sports is a way of life of Tata steel.” And Tata steel believes that Jharkhand has provided with some fine international hockey players to the Indian hockey team so it has chosen Noamundi as its ground to encourage rural talents.
A Nationwide Environment Awareness Campaign “Greenfection”
In June 2010, Tata steel launched its environmental campaign “Greenfection” in order to spread the knowledge about need to save environment among the citizens.
The launch was marked by Green lightning of184-ft high grand white structure, Victoria Memorial and 17-storey Tata centre- icons of Kolkata.
It has also joined hands with WWF (world wide fund for nature- India) to use their
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It does not mean having ‘all the evidence’ about the potential violation or case reported The core ethic principles that take place in Tata Steel are mentioned below:
1. They do not tolerate bribery or corruption in any form. This commitment underpins everything that they do.
2. They treat social development activities which benefit the communities in which they operate as an integral part of their business plan.
3. They shall strive to create an environment free from fear of retribution to deal with concerns that are raised or cases reported in good faith. No one shall be punished or made to suffer for raising concerns or making disclosures in good faith or in the public interest.
4. When they represent their company, they shall behave professionally act with honesty and integrity, shall confirm to the highest moral and ethical standards. In their operating countries they shall demonstrate culturally appropriate behaviour. Their conduct shall be fair and transparent and be perceived as fair and transparent by third
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Tata Steel group believes that by achieving its goals of value creation, safety, environment and people, it can become the global steel industry benchmark. Corporate governance guidelines ensure that the Board will have necessary authority to review and evaluate Company’s operations; moreover these guidelines let the Board to make the decision independent of the Management. The Board comprises of 11 members, including one woman member.
The Nomination and Remuneration Committee works with the Board to determine appropriate traits for the Board as a whole as well as individual member, so as to have the Board with diverse background and experience in business. All the new Independent Directors are given orientation as a part of familiarisation programme. Average of 50 hours was invested by the company in the IDs in the year of 2016 to get them acquainted with the Company’s strategies, operations, products
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