Ethical Principles Of The Social Research

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As my research deals with people then it is a must that my research should comply with ethical standards and professional research.
According to Babbie (2008), There are ethical issues associated with the research study, including voluntary participation, no harm to participants, anonymity and confidentiality (Babbie, 2008, pp.67-71). Likewise, this research will address these ethical issues in advance in order to avoid violation of ethical norms of social research. In addition to the ethical norms mentioned above, there are some other ethical issues that I will consider encountering in my research.
One of the major ethical principles of the social research is voluntary participation. Babbie highlights in his book that most of the cases, if not all, social research interrupt people’s daily activities by conducting interview without notice or sending a questionnaire form by mail. In addition, social research regularly request personal information from the respondents and this person information might not be revealed to their relatives or friends. Voluntary participation is a core ethical principle of medical research as well for social research. There is no one is forced to participate in the research survey, unless he or she volunteers to participate in the survey research (Babbie, 2008, p.67). Therefore, in my research the norm of voluntary participation is strongly applied. I will develop an informed consent form in order to make sure that research participants volunteer…
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