Ethical Principles Of The Tuskegee Study

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Ethical principles were established to help protect the human population from being unlawfully treated when involved in any type of treatment, research study, or medical decision-making. Miss Evers’ Boys provide examples, to how ethical principles were neglected to be used throughout the study. The Tuskegee study lasted a brutal 40 years and ethical principles where pushed aside, to obtain the evolution of syphilis in African American males. Anyone who is involved in some type of medical treatment or research deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. As healthcare professionals it is imperative to understand ethical principles and morals and be able to apply them to every day practice. The Tuskegee study was an eye opener to many individuals, leading to laws and reconstructed ethical principles. According to Ogungbure, The aim of research ethics is to ensure that research projects involving human subjects are carried out without causing harm to the subjects involved. (Ogungbure 2011) As a nurse it is important to follow the ANA code of ethics. Being aware and practicing ethical principles will help with treating the Patient and keep them informed with their healthcare choices. Nursing in itself can be challenging and everyday you can be faced with ethical dilemmas.

Overview of the Tuskegee study

The Tuskegee study was an experimental study composed of Doctors, Nurse, Government officials and the U.S Public Health Service. The study was performed to recognize

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