Ethical Principles Of The Word Ethics

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The Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy states that the word ethics is "commonly used interchangeably with 'morality ' ... and sometimes it is used more narrowly to mean the moral principles of a particular tradition, group or individual (Deigh, 1995).
Since we were kids and we began to realize what was around us, our parents and grandparents have taught us the basic knowledge of what is good and what is bad. It is indeed an inherent characteristic of all human being and grows from our desires to get along with each other, to live in harmony. To achieve this goal, we believe that we should treat others, as we would have them treat us. For this, we try to do what feels and look like the right thing in certain situations. This is the basis …show more content…

In ethics awareness all depends on the person and their self-esteem. For example the drive safely within the speed limit, not wanting anyone to get hurt, is ethical, but if someone drives slowly because sees a police car behind he, suggests that he is afraid to break the law and be punished for that.
Ethics comes from morality, common sense and the desire to preserve the self-respect. Laws are encodings of certain ethical values to help regulate society. Punishments for breaking those values can be harsh and sometimes confirms that laws and social norms can deviate from what is ethical. Take for example the case of the death penalty. We all know that killing someone is wrong, yet the law punishes people who break the law with death. With this comes the argument of whether laws are necessary at all, but it is important to note that without laws people should be aware of the chaos that would reign in society.

Ethic in Global Business
Many ethical issues arise precisely because of differences in economic, political, legal and cultural systems. The ethical issues of International Business affect virtually all areas where the international economy is concerned. In trade relations, each country uses its ability to export its products to other national markets. In currency trading world, all countries benefit when there is a stable exchange rate, which facilitates business and trade, but they also can agree unilaterally to

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