Ethical Principles in the Medical Field

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Medical Ethics Patients should be treated with respect and politely since they are in a fragile state and more so, they have their own right as an individual. It is the duty of a caregiver or anyone responsible for his /her health to do anything in order to promote the patients' health. Therefore, it is wrong for somebody taking care of a patient, to burden or impose strenuous activities on him/her. In this case, the first thing to do after learning of the events which has taken place in you absence, first it is necessary to terminate the caregiver's services, and advice the caregiver that what he/she did was not of best interest to the patient's health promotion. After a thorough talk and advice to the caregiver, the patient too should be counseled and reassured that any services provided will be of good intention and the best interest to him/her journey to recovery (Catherine Myser, 1995). In case the patient's faith in the kind of services the caregiver used to give him/her has deteriorated because of being subjected to mental torture, then a new caregiver/nurse should be assigned to the patient. Patient should be looked after without discrimination or torture of any kind and, if he/she is to be subjected to pay for the accrued expenses then that should come after recovery. As a caregiver, your service to the patient should be ethical, but when you subject a bedridden patient to torture such as paying for his/her meals and laundry then that is a significant breach of
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