Ethical Proposal for Allsaints

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AllSaints Spitalfields is a British brand, founded in 1994. The reason of I choose this brand is because the eye catching full screen of vintage sew machines displayed on the shop front, which gave me a huge impact at the beginning. After study, AllSaints is a fashion brand blend with Rock & Roll element, but how to link up the sewing machines with music? Due to the further investigate, the brand want to express the quality of their merchandises, which like a traditional tailor made pieces, and also is one of the significant heritages of British, as Rock n Roll.

My aim is to link up the environmental issue to the potential saleable fashion brand, as AllSaint. However, the brand announced to the DIVA magazine that, ‘… The
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2.4 Target Customer and their Style
There are no typical AllSaints shoppers, only have the customers who want to look like the Rock & Roll star, according to their personal favor they can casually mix and match with their clothing. However, the age of their shoppers are easily to be noticed via their advertising, from the teenager to 40+.

2.5 Price Range
AllSaints is not cheap in the high street market, 80% of the merchandise is made in China (woven and knitted items), then is India (leather clothing), Portugal (shoes), and small amount is Turkey, Mauritius, Italy. Below is the price range of Fall Winter 10.

3. Competitors

Competitor Similarity Signature Items Price State Eco-Value
AllSaints - Same age group
- rough style
- street fashion Leather jacket & boot, knitwear Showed the table 2.5 N/A Sustainable fabric: Hemp
Bolongaro Trevor * Same as AllSaint same Potential in future No, hardy apply
Diesel Jeans 10-40% higher Obvious No
Firetrap Bright color T-shirt, Jeans 20% lower Obvious No

Bolongaro Trevor*
Stuart Trevor, who founded All Saints, he brought the business from a wholesaler, to the high street and

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