Ethical Question of Gift-giving in the Pharmaceutical Industry

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Gift giving in the Pharmaceuticals industry, between Medical sales consultants and healthcare professionals ethical or unethical? In “Relationships Between Health Professionals and Industry: Maintaining a Delicate Balance”, published in Australian Prescriber Magazine, Professor of Medicine Paul A Komesaroff describes how to maintain an ethical relationships between health professionals and the sale consultants and argues that there are four ways to achieve this relationship: Government regulations, industry regulations, self-regulation and keeping consumer interest in mind. Explaining that “Decisions about what drugs to use are often taken not by consumers alone but by their medical practitioners, whose interests are not always identical to those of their patients” (Komesaroff2), Komesaroff acknowledge that the health care professionals should be purchasing the drugs from the consultants not because of the precious gifts they are offer but by keeping the consumer interest/health in mind. Komesaroff asserts that “government regulation undoubtedly plays a key role” in the industry and by these regulations being enforced and followed by the workers then the ethical issue of gift giving would decrease. Also by following the “number of professional associations who develop guidelines about the ethical relationships between health professionals and pharmaceutical industry” the industry can achieve a balance relationship between the workers of the two parties. He argues that by
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