Ethical Reasoning And Action Paper Essay

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Ethical Reasoning and Action Paper

Introduction of Marketing Ethics
Ethics are in existence for a reason, regardless of the profession or businesses involved, one needs to have some guidelines when entering the arena in challenging how a business should advertise to consumers. The following definition is one that individuals can refer to on a daily basis, when faced with conflicts;
“Marketing ethics is the area of applied ethics which deals with the moral principles behind the operation and regulation of marketing. Some areas of marketing ethics overlap with media ethics.” (Definitions)
Our textbook discusses how ethical decisions may come into play in the workplace and how one will be faced with difficult decisions, such as the following examples;
“In normal business operation, difficulties arise in making decisions, establishing policies, and engaging in business operations in five broad areas: (1) employment practices and policies, (2) consumer protection, (3) environmental protection, (4) political payments and involvement in political affairs in the country, and (5) basic human rights and fundamental freedoms.” (International Marketing, Cateora et al, Page 159) The definition is largely more prominent in our European partners as a strong stance in fighting childhood obesity. It is apparent that this is driven by the heart versus the pocketbook.
Existing Issues The current issues that exist within the European market is childhood obesity. Another is that over half a
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