Ethical Reasoning And Leading Change

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The importance of ethics and the effect it has on leadership cannot be overstated. When I began my studies at Southwestern, I believed that I had a strong grasp on the concept of ethics, however, there was more to learn than I expected. I was challenged to look at the concept from various perspectives, and discover the root of individual ethics and morals. I learned that culture and religion are key elements in the development of understood ethical behaviors and beliefs and not all cultures share the same ethics. It is clear to me that culture is a central factor that determines how we perceive morals and values and how those elements are critical to the perceptions that we have of right and wrong.

Another important factor when discussing
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Their ability to accomplish this task is dependent on their ability to communicate standards of conduct, clear ethical expectations, and provide a model of the behavior which exemplifies these elements. A leader uses ethical reasoning to determine the vision, the mission and the strategic plan he/she will communicate to followers and through effective communication of all the elements they improve the likelihood of success and longevity of the organization.

Artifact number two is a summary paper assignment in the STL 420 Forecasting and Leading Change course. This paper demonstrates my understanding about the value and importance of ethical reasoning in business and how unethical decisions can be damaging to an organization’s success, longevity, and reputation. The ability of leadership to use ethical reasoning will not only affect the overall success of the organization, but also affect the level of morale, trust, respect, and wiliness of members to follow the leader toward the
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I take this in to consideration and try to determine if there are commonalities between us that can be used to build a positive relationship and open the lines of communication. By withholding judgement and seeking the commonalities, I encourage the flow of ideas and information between us in a positive and productive way.

The more information and understanding that can be developed, the more likely I will be to make ethical choices. I must maintain my own ethics, but still respect the other person if I am to resolve conflict, and seek professional solutions in a way that is fair and respectful of all parties. This is an important part of my position as a teacher. The student population of the schools where I work is extremely diverse. We have students from Australia, England, Mexico, Various European nations, and even Asia. I therefore, must apply ethical reasoning to all interactions with both students and their parents
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