Ethical Relativism Is A Problem For A Couple Reasons

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Ethical Relativism is, “The theory that holds that morality is relative to the norms of one 's culture.” Initially the answer to this question seems quite clear, however there is more then simply saying the bible is the inly source of moral code. That is all well and true but the differences in culture make this discussion a little more cloudy. Even though it is less clear cut, Christians cannot be ethical relativists. Even as society differs from culture to culture and different views are prevalent, as Christians we are to take up our citizenship in Heaven before our earthly one and can only believe the moral and ethical standard that the bible provides. Decifering whether or not Christians can be ethical relativists is a problem for a couple reasons. First of all its important because ethical and moral standards are a prominent part in not only the christian faith but how the faith is perceived. If Christians can in fact be relativists then the whole moral standard in the bible can be changed and not regarded as the absolute truth. When we say the bible is wrong or outdated about certain topics then we might as well give up the faith completely because the truth is all we have and everything else we depend on is in that book. Also if Christians can be ethical relativists it changes mission work drastically. How can we share the bible to peoples who are murdering for fun and it’s socially accepted able and then say, “ You can go on murdering beaches its your culture but
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