Ethical Research Involving Human Subjects

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Ethics in Research Involving Human Subjects Researchers in both social, natural and medical sciences many times involve human subjects in research; sometimes individuals, small groups or large groups. Likewise, researchers may also have to work with children or adults with mental illnesses, physical disabilities, prisoners or other vulnerable groups, in various contexts and in different settings like prisons, zones of conflicts, homes, schools or in clinical settings. Therefore, the ethical principles of research involving human subjects are applied to all of these research settings (Creswell, 2013). There are some basic principles or ethical considerations that should be applied in all research settings wherein humans are used as subjects. Before conducting the research, the researchers should be aware of the steps in review process by Institutional Review Board (IRB) of the hosting institution. The study design, research objectives, aims, data collection and…show more content…
It should be noted that participants from vulnerable groups such as, mental health patients, individuals with physical or mental disabilities, prisoners, children or any other group may assume the researchers as part of the staff or people with authority. The researchers must inform them that this is not the case. In case of minors, children and individuals with psychological impairments, the researchers should seek consent from their parents, guardians or other family members and while obtaining the consent, the researchers must present them with summary of the research including the procedures, methodology, and sharing and use of data (General Assembly of the World Medical Association,
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