Ethical Situations in Business

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Ethical Situations in Business 3/26/2012 Evaluation and Recommendations by: David ________________________________________________________________________ Many businesses, such as Company Q, are faced with ethical decisions every day. And many of these ethical situations can conflict with the overall profit margin of a company. In three distinct area Company Q has made ethical choices, electing to put the company first, and its customers and community second. In our scenario Company Q has made three ethical decisions that have directly affected the company, employees with the company, the community in which Company Q does business, and to the needy people that count on companies such as Company Q. In our first situation…show more content…
Each year, more than 36 million Americans, in communities across the country, are making difficult choices—seniors who are forced to choose between buying food or buying medicine; parents who might feed their children but not themselves; and working families who must make the difficult decision between paying their utilities or putting food on the table. Non-perishable and unspoiled perishable food can be donated to local food banks, soup kitchens, pantries, and shelters. Local and national programs frequently offer free pick-up and provide reusable containers to donors. To encourage food donations, the “Good Samaritan” law was created to prevent to prevent good food from going to waste and to protect companies from liability surrounding their donations.” (“EPA” n.d. Although communities need assistance from grocers, Company Q has decided not to donate food due to its lack of confidence in its own employees to not steal or fraudulently give away food. As stated by the citation many food banks offer free pick up service from the grocer. Extra security cameras can also be installed in areas where donations are picked up to help prevent fraud by employees. Management could also create a new position in its stores that addresses food donations. This added cost might slightly affect the
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