Ethical Subjectivism In Matt Foreman, Directed By Michele Wachman

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There are many things in this world that many people have very strong opinions on, such as same-sex marriage, abortion, and gun control. People have these opinions and they think that the opinions that they hold are right. Ethical subjectivism states have everyone has different opinions, but there are no “facts” when morality is involved. As a result, no one is “right.” For example, in the book Matt Foreman approves of being gay while Michele Bachmann disapprove of being gay. When it is put like this, the two people who have completely different options on people being gay cannot argue that the other person accepts or does not accept people being gay according to Subjectivism. This is what the authors of the book were trying to get say is that subjectivism is flawed.…show more content…
We all know that being violent towards a child is wrong no matter where you are from. Nobody should put their hands on a child or do anything sexual to a child. What is wrong with ethical subjectivism is that there would use this example and say that your opinion on child abuse is your opinion and child abuse is neither “right” or “wrong.” When you think of this example, you can see the flaws of ethical subjectivism.
I agree with the authors that if you use a example such as abortion, ethical subjectivism does not seem as flawed. Everyone has their opinions and there are valid arguments for each side, but when you get to other topics like what Adolph Hitler did to Jewish people, you can start to see the flaws. According to Nihilism, when the Nazis killed millions of people because of their racial backgrounds, you opinion is just as good as Adolph Hitler’s
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