Ethical Theories Of Unethical Business

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Doing Business Ethically Typically, when you think of unethical business practices you unconously refer licensing’s, regulations, and financial misconduct. Although it 's not often heard of, bad company morale is considered unethical business. Ethical theories are ways for individuals and businesses to deal with moral dilemmas and unethical conduct. The theories make sure that individuals and business make decisions that are geared in the right direction.
I am the men 's and boys ' apparel merchandiser for a well known urban retail company here in Baltimore. With my position in the company I am considered "corporate". Our corporate office has our main and only warehouse attached to the building so I am able to observe the retail business from the beginning to the end which in return puts me in contact with many different people. I make it my mission to know everyone and especially the warehouse employees on a personal level. I work hard to make their job easy in any way that I can. During my recent review I receive high scores in diversity because of my relationship with everyone in the building. When there is a sense of urgency with a particular product (footwear, apparel, or accessory) I have an easier time working with the warehouse employees to get the particular items out to store. The warehouse employee’s work hard for me because they want to, not because my position requires them to. They hate their working conditions because they feel like these are treated…
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