Ethical Treatment of Animals

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ETHICAL TREATMENT OF ANIMALS If you systematically question the significance and use of existence you are a philosopher, either amateur or expert. Ethics is the division of philosophy that asks how nation supposed to live their lives and how they ought to act good and right to each one. Animal ethics is equal but contains animals. Robert Garner in his book Animal Ethics says "Animal ethics look to examine values that are apprehended concerning the moral standing of non-human animals." (Audi, 2010). Our correlation with animals is based on values we take in from our background and social way of life. We recognize these values, frequently on conviction from our seniors, without testing or studying them. But unexamined values when performed can do massive destruction everybody has a few contact with animals straight or not directly, either agricultural or shooting animals, eating them, providing food to their pets factory farmed animals, going to the zoo, by means of weathered substances on animals or washing with animal-based soap. Hitherto the largest part of nation do not understand the pain and damage people inflict on animals since it goes mainly out of view and where it peaks on top of the surface it is endured as usual. Here is the point. The damage humans are doing to animal's amounts to a holocaust that we have to take in hand (Audi, 2010). If we are to make refined evolution we have to understand what we are doing to animals and consider on how we ought treating
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