Ethical Use of Technology in the Classroom

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Ethical Technology Classroom Ethical Technology Classroom Ethical use of technology is something not only our homes should adopt but the classrooms and any other place, we intend to make use of the scientific achievements. The question arises as to why ethics have so much importance in every aspect of life. It is the ethics, which tell us how one thing has to be done and how we should do one thing (Petrina, 2007). This statement appears to be similar however, two meanings have. Technology's usage should be defined in terms of its ethical issues and as its users; we should know how we are supposed to use it to prevent it from exploitation. Similarly, inside a classroom it is important that the way students handle technology, freed from exploitation, students must handle the way technology, and teachers fulfill the ethical requirements. Access to any material not owned by the student or the teacher may have some copyright issues and that is where implementation of ethics comes foremost. The usage of such materials can be made legitimate if only the credits for the work done are given by acknowledging the writer or the designer. Other than this, ethical issues also revolve around usage of inappropriate content by students. This has been the major issue of all time and several methods can be implemented to refrain students form usage of inappropriate content or provide them protection against usage of harmful content available on the World Wide Web. Technological usage has
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