Ethical Values And Moral Values

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Ethics in a sense is everything we hold dear to us, meaning our moral values. The development of figuring out what is important to us requires intellectual and critical evaluation. By not developing ones own moral values, you are simply taking the route of taking the moral beliefs given to you by your family or society. You’re accepting them because its easier than questioning them. However, this has its setbacks, by choosing not to do ethics you are essentially undermining your own personal freedom of choice. By accepting beliefs of your culture without question, then those viewpoints are not truly yours. Another setback to not asking questions is that your reasons or responses will be lacking understanding. Moral principles are might be absolute or might not, even so we apply them to situations may be different and require you to evaluate the situation at hand, which is hard to do if you’ve never taken the time to do so before. The third importance is that without taking the time to question and make your own moral code, you then in turn lose intellectual growth. You do not gain new understandings of the ever-changing world around you; you become stuck in a stagnant world, which is not reality. I think this class will help me look at moral judgments in a more logical and ethical way. I have already realized from this class that I have based my ethical decisions on my emotion and the way I feel which is only one form of ethics. This class will go over various theories to
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