Ethical Values From The Book The Dispossessed Written By Daniel P Jaeckle

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What is ethics? It is a code of conduct that a human being lives by. Being ethical makes life a bit easier and simpler because of the boundaries and code of conduct we set for our selves. Many authors implement their own ethical values into their stories, which sometimes give the reader an insight into the kind of person the author is. Making references to an article by Daniel P Jaeckle, I will be analyzing the three ethical values from the book The Dispossessed written by Ursula K. LeGuin, that have been layered together in a way that it creates interpersonal ethics, ethics of mutual aid, ethics of shared pain, and ethics of the bond, designed to meet the needs of an anarchist society. Anarchism is a philosophy based on voluntary…show more content…
Only weakness.’ (Ch. 7) In his article, Jaeckle hints that LeGuin borrowed this ethical value from the work of a Russian anarchist Peter Kropotkin. It can be said that Shevek increases the variety of the sociality to species way beyond human beings. He calls this so called species “social species”. The fact that he does this is so important because it signifies that being social is not something that is religiously necessary or related to someone’s past. Being social or anti social can occur at any age through out someone’s life. From the above quote, Shevek’s dialogue can be perceived as an interpretation of Darwin’s principle “the survival of the fittest.” Yes, it is somewhat true that people who are social are the strongest and those who are anti social are weak, only because the social species know how to get around people and the anti social ones are too afraid to speak to anyone else, hence they sometimes get into trouble even if they didn’t mean to. How does this relate to ethics? Well, according to the quote above, a competitive society that focuses on domination rather than equality will commit an unethical blunder. This blunder will lead to misunderstanding of the importance of the forces that moves humanity and the other social species forward and to evolution. Where does mutual aid come into play here? How is mutual aid connected to the social species? It is rather simple. Most social species tend to live
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