Essay on Ethical Viewpoint

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Bioethics Interview 1

Bioethics Interview
Jennifer D. Williams
HLT-520 Legal & Ethical Principles in Healthcare
Dr. Damien Brandeis
April 13, 2011

Bioethics Interview 2 Individuals find themselves having to make important decisions every day. Unfortunately situations may occur that prevents a person from being able to make a decision about their medical care. The decision can be a legal or ethical one. In the medical arena someone has to make this tough decision. The decision what to do would be easy if everyone put in place an advance directive or living will. Hospitals and other healthcare organizations had to come up with ways to deal with ethical issues revolving around impaired or incompetent
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Bioethics Interview 4 the committee receives the consultation, the team sets up a meeting. Dr Fernandez says a consultation can be submitted by a staff member, patient or doctor. The issue at hand decides which team gets certain cases. Each sub-team has three (3) members who meet at each meeting. Once the team receives the consultation an interview is set up to interview the patient if the patient is able to be interviewed. A meeting is set up to interview the health care team and a review of the patient’s medical record is done. After all the information is obtained from the physicians and the records have been reviewed a decision is made. A primary function of the Bioethics Committee is to provide advice to medical facilities in the formulation of Medical Staff Rules and Regulations and Policy & Procedures documents pertaining to ethical considerations within a medical setting. Other functions of the committee include education of the patient, the family, the staff and physicians, and other interested participants; education in ethical decision making, the principles of ethics, and the basic components affecting a given situation; the opportunity for multiple disciplines on the health care team to discuss situations and apply ethical standards to possible choices and options; assisting
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