Ethical Views, Rules And Theory

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Ethical Views, Rules and Theory’s
In this section I will be briefly discussing one major Ethical view, theory and model and explaining their useful applications and limitations through examples. There are four major ethical topics we have discussed in the course, in this reflection I will examine the three I see most fitting for this reflection. The three are utilitarianism, moral rights and the Theory of Justice.
Utilitarianism is a view in which decisions are based on majority. The right decision considering this view is the choice that creates the most good for the largest amount of people. The major downside to this view is the judgment of good and bad. Is the severe harm of a smaller group of people worth the moderate good for the majority? Picture this, a man owns a liquor store. The majority of his sales comes from a smaller population of the town, let’s say 25%. The other 75% do not like alcohol or can’t drink it so they would rather him not sell it. If he were to follow his consumers he could stay in business and be successful, but if he took the utilitarian viewpoint he would lose his business and suffer no income creating more concentrated suffering but greater overall happiness. Although this view can be seen as optimistic due to its overall goal of creating happiness for the largest number of people it is very difficult to evaluate that happiness and Sadness.
The Moral Rights Approach is the view in which your fundamental rights are protected above all else.…
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