Ethical Vignette Essay

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Title: Ethical Vignette Abstract In this paper I will discuss the ethical vignette as it deals with confidentiality and ethical dilemmas that counselor’s face. I will reflect on a video presentation as well as the North Carolina rules and regulation and the ACA Code of Ethics as it relates to confidentiality and ethics. I will explain why confidentiality is important and what the rules says about it. This will help me and others to become a better counselor. Ethical Vignette Summary As I began to read and listen to the material that dealt with the Ethical vignette as it dealt with confidentiality and ethical dilemmas that counselor’s will deal with in their day to day work environment. The video presentation made me…show more content…
(1983, c. 755, s. 2; 1993, c. 514, s. 2.) “. Next I looked at what ACA code of Ethics mandates that we do concerning these matters. In Section B.1.c counselor has to respect the rights of all clients to confidentiality and cannot share the information without client consent or without legal or ethical justification. Also in Section C.2.e and f states that the Counselors should take reasonable steps to consult with other counselors or related professionals when they have questions regarding their ethical obligations or professional practice and they must take continuing education so that they can maintain reasonable levels of awareness. Response My reaction to the video at first was “This is a long video” then I began to really listen to what they were talking about and reflect on what they were saying and how it applies to me right now. I began to change my thought process on how serious this really is. Now believe me I know how important it is because I work in the field every day, but it made me want to make sure that I’m doing the right things the way that they are supposed to be done. Making sure that confidentiality
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