Ethical Vs. Legal Business Issues

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Ethical vs. Legal Business Issues This paper is composed for the individual assignment for week 2 of the MBA 633 Legal Issues in the Workplace course. The topic for this assignment consists of the differences between ethical and legal business issues. This paper will provide answers to questions related to employee behavior away from the office, and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and bribes. Both topics have been presented in the form of video cases (video 93 and 98) found in the Cengage digital video library.
My Time, Company Time?
Jim’s Gym is growing, and as the Gym grows it is experiencing some growing pains in the form of inappropriate behavior from the employees on their own time. Six employees have made headlines this year due to inappropriate actions outside of work. Some of the headlines have proven embarrassing to the Gym. Two employees were arrested for driving while intoxicated; an office admin who did not hurt anyone and a personal trainer hit a family in a minivan and caused injuries. Another employee got into a fight that he possibly started in St. Louis. An Atlanta manager was charged with domestic violence. A trainer in Seattle was charged for possession of Marijuana and an unlicensed gun under his seat. A staffer in Tallahassee was charged with criminal trespassing when protesting at the governor’s mansion. Every person was identified as a Jim’s Gym employee except for the Atlanta manager.
Other than bad press, I do not believe five of the…
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