Ethical Whistleblowing

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If a boss is dealing drugs or an executive officer is drinking on the job, employees have the option to speak to an authority or keep quiet about this situation. In conventional terms, the act of speaking out is called whistleblowing. Employees use these actions to call out their boss at work or an executive that is not following the companies policy. However, speculations have arisen whether the employee has loyalty to the boss. As a representation of the business and the employer, the employees has become an agent of the company. With the bad name going out in public, the employee as well will face the consequences as he is also a representative of the organization. In spite of that, misconduct upon policies regarding company policies may also lead…show more content…
If the CEO received a report of his misconduct, the business would surely fall as the boss was the key person who kept the business running steadily. Most often, this event can cause massive damage to employee’s salaries, and affect the economic values as well. Furthermore, one may argue that whistleblowing may violate individual rights as employee’s signed a contract abiding by company’s standard. In an article called “Whistleblowing and Professional Responsibilities” by Sissela Bok, she emphasizes “employees have a loyalty oath of confidentiality and secrecy” (Bok 178) which may violate human rights as well. Individuals often view that they often have the right to privacy. However, whistleblowing to the company can create a breach in loyalty. Similar to a friend posting every secret about the person, employers contain information to avoid mass media and future damages to the community. Therefore, whistleblowing may create further chaos and future problems. While whistleblowing has its flaws regarding the standards placed on the employee, moral and ethical rights are higher than what an employer can offer for their
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