Ethical and Environmental Scan Paper

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Ethical and Environmental Scan Paper: Enron, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft Ethics and the environmental responsibilities of companies tie directly into those of social responsibilities and occupy a very important position in both incorporating into strategic plans and the company’s value system. In this paper, the subject to describe is how the role of ethics and social responsibility is developed into a company’s strategic plan; this will enclose an example of how Enron initiated an overstepping of these ethical boundaries. The paper will also describe the internal and external environments of how Google, Amazon, and Microsoft using an environmental scan. Included in the scan will be a determination of the competitive advantages each…show more content…
Conversely, Amazon has branched out from its dominance of the book domain to the cloud computing arena while strengthening its profitability by partnering with retailers offering everything from jewelry to stand mixers. Microsoft, on the other hand, continues to strengthen its market dominance in the home computing and business computing worlds with its software while moving into Google’s prior domain with its introduction of, which provides users with a more refined search engine than Google, in an attempt to sell advertising to increase its own market share. These bleed-over moves between and among the companies have led each of them to expand into new and promising markets while continuing to play to their strengths.
Measuring Strategic Effectiveness Little evidence exists about the means by which each company measures its success. All three; however, use profitability as a primary measure, in terms of value to their stockholders. To that end, a comparison of the gross profit, number of employees, gross and net profit per employee can be instructive in understanding each company. However, before putting too much stock in these numbers, one must consider that Microsoft has been around for longer than Google and Amazon, and specialized in the software market for far longer. So as expected, Microsoft is quite a bit more profitable, in looking at its raw gross profits. However, when looking at the gross profit

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