Ethical and Legal Issues Within Wal-Mart

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Introduction Wal-Mart is commonly known for its low prices, clean appearance, and large variety of products; however, the super store has constituently been the center of many ethical issues. From working conditions, wages, benefits, product issues, and even bribery, Wal-Mart has been shrouded in ethical disputes for years. In the next few pages I intend on discussing these issues, the impact they have had on the company, and the actions that management has taken in response to them.
Predatory Pricing To begin discussing the ethical issues that Wal-Mart has faced in regards to predatory pricing, we must first understand what predatory pricing is. According to; predatory pricing is “the act of setting prices low in an
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In fact, in 2012, 80 employees walked out of a Wal-Mart to protest the substandard conditions in which they were forced to work (Miles, 2012). As stated in an article published in the Huffington Post; “workers are forced to work in 120-degree heat without a fan, that the heat and pollutants make the workers vomit and get bloody noses, and that workers are made to work without clean water or regular breaks and with faulty, dangerous equipment” (Miles, 2012). More recently in Illinois, 100 Wal-Mart employees protested outside of Wal-Mart express, demanding better wages and improved working conditions. One protester, Larry Born, described Wal-Mart as a “predatory employer” who “pays slave wages”. Mr. Born also stated that “ is repeatedly asked to work eight or nine days in a row” (Rezin, 2013) . This protest in Illinois was held at the same time as another which was taking place in Arkansas, for the same reasons.
Issues with Local Communities Generally people are excited when they hear that a Wal-Mart is being built in their community. They envision jobs, savings, convenience, and one stop shopping, and although this is all true; studies have shown that Wal-Mart can have extremely negative effects on the communities in which they are built. In fact, research was done in 2012 to examine the impact a new Wal-Mart would
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