Ethical and Other Legal Issues in the Workplace

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Legal Analysis 10 Introduction Many reports and lawsuits have been registered related to ethical and other legal issues in the workplace. Sexual harassment is one of the most registered lawsuits in the courts over the past several years. The news of this ethical issue is common in multi-national companies, political institutes, schools and colleges as well as military institutes. Because of this, many bright professionals have lost their careers; a huge amount of cash has been paid in legal settlements; there have been many devastated families; and the court has been compelled on numerous occasions to make changes in legislation related to this issue. However, everything has been changed with the new legislation. Now, there are certain aspects or laws that might not be acceptable, which were accepted ten years ago (Marshall, 2005). Now, in this 21st century, our workplace environment has changed drastically. With the passage of time, the number of working women and working minorities in the society has been increased dramatically. No doubt, new workplace legislation has succeeded to give confidence to the minorities to play their roles in the economic activity. Now, it is very easy for everyone to work together with harmony and confidence. Cultural and racial diversity is common in our workplace. The behavior of people towards accepting this diversity is also very encouraging. Society is more educated and thinks that the cast, color or culture of a person in the
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