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Ethical and Socially Responsive Business Morisha Mack Business- 100 Professor Lizzie M. Lewis-Clemons September 2, 2013 Code of Conduct There are many high standards and principles that a business must set in order to be and remain successful. Many companies outline their expectations in a code of conduct. A code of conduct is a document written by a company that defines the ethical standards of the organization and gives employees information on how to handle situations within the organization. It is not only important that a business writes a code of conduct, but it is imperative that the principles are carried out by everyone within the business from the CEO to the employees. “While the primary goal of all…show more content…
According to Kelly, McGowen & Williams, “ the starting point for socially responsible employers is to meet all legal standards and the requirements are significant”.(p.264) As mentioned in their code of conduct, Chipotle believes in these values because they make good business sense and are they are the right thing to do.(Anti-Discrimination and Harassment Policies)(2013). Following the Code of Conduct In order to ensure that employees are following the code of conduct, Chipotle could observe employee behavior by installing cameras in their businesses. They could also give employee performance surveys to customers. Both of these techniques would allow managers to monitor employee behavior and determine if the employee is in compliance with the organizations’ code of conduct. Socially Responsive Activities Socially Responsive Activities are the actions of a business that benefits society. There are many activities that organizations can engage in to better society. Environmental Awareness and Community Activities are examples of socially responsive activities that Chipotle happens to support. Chipotle has Environmental Awareness section in its code of conduct and it reads,” While Chipotle is committed to providing a safe, healthy place for all parties involved, they are equally committed to preventing deterioration of the environment and

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