Ethical and Unethical Behavior in Business

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Ethical behaviour in business is essential for the long term survival of both private and public organisations. Do you agree or disagree? Explain. The recent history is littered with organisations that collapsed because of unethical practises .Governments everywhere are increasing concerned with poor business conduct as they affect, not only the organisation but their shareholders and the national economies as a whole. This essay will look at a few recent examples of private companies that collapsed as a result of dubious business dealings and argues that ethical practise are crucial for long term sustainability in organisations, as they provide fixed guideposts to steer the organisation away from disaster. The Collins English Dictionary (2007) defines ethics as a “social, religious, or civil code of behaviour considered correct, especially that of a particular group, profession, or individual”. In organisations that value or belief system is often referred to as company or business ethos or its “moral compass”. Casa, Barker and Cameron (2004) draw parallels from the story of John Kennedy Junior’s last flight to underscore the need for having a moral compass in organisations. Kennedy’s flight ended in disaster because as the pilot, he lost his fixed point of reference and became disorientated while flying in poor visibility along the New England coast. They further postulated that he may have flown into the ocean without realising he was going in the wrong direction. They
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