Ethical and Unethical Implication of Digital Manipulation

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Jullie Seder
Final Research Paper

What is ethical and unethical regarding digital manipulation of media content that society is exposed to in modern days? There are many theories and beliefs regarding ethics of digital manipulation. Many people are under the impression that digital manipulation began with the invention of Photoshop like imaging software. The truth is that digital manipulation can be dated back to the invention of photography. The argument that digital manipulation is unethical can be supported in many ways. From photo-touching of a models waistline, to changing the color spectrum in outer-space photos, we are constantly bombarded with a re-touched perception of reality. With constant manipulation of images that
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The Use of manipulation to change the appearance of anything that will be distributed on a worldwide level in the media is in my eyes, unethical when it portrays a false reality. For instance, for instance, models in a fashion magazine may have inches taken away from their waistlines, hips, thighs, and arms. Skin tones are lightened. Blemishes are diminished. Freckles disappear. Muscle tone is added. These manipulated images impacts society in a very unhealthy way. Often times these re-touched photos send an image of perfection to those who view it. I believe this image of perfection that is implanted into people’s brains is causing many adverse problems in society. This image of perfection convinces women young and old that they are not beautiful and need to invest their hard earned money into a product that will make you look thin and flawless like the model in the magazine. This is extremely unethical in the eyes of many around the world. ”This ethical intersection is easy to overlook, but it raises two moral principals when applied to the digital manipulation of magazine fashion models: artistic freedom (a social good) versus media deception and its impact on public health (a social harm).” (Park, 2004) This impacts the world greatly. This form of manipulation encourages both women and men to feel like they are not satisfactory and
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