Ethics : A Multi Million Online Retailing Company And Its Principles Of Operations Essay

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This paper is about, a multi-million online retailing company and its principles of operations, including ethical issues arising from the principles of operation of the company. The paper identifies these ethical issues and tries to give recommendations on whether solving these ethical issues would bring a positive or a negative change to the company.
Ethics is defined as the values that an individual uses to interpret whether any particular action or behavior is considered acceptable and appropriate. Business ethics is the collective values of an organization, used to evaluate whether the behaviors of the organization’s collective members are considered acceptable and appropriate. To understand what is acceptable and appropriate for individuals, their moral values must be identified and supported. Ethics in the workplace is essential especially for managers since they are the leaders and representatives of the company. Managers are responsible for hiring new employees and making sure employees adheres to the company’s ethical standards Managers have to consider the ethical decision being made and balance the interests of all stakeholders in the company. Business organizations have to contemplate how their actions impact overall society. Managers have the ability to establish their own rules pertaining to acceptable and unacceptable behaviors within the organization. Formal attention to ethics in the workplace is the right thing to do. A Manager
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