Ethics And Code Of Ethics

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Mental health organizations consist of several different versions of ethical codes in which it is useful to become aware of these differences for your future employment in working with a variety of professionals. Future coworkers may have different views and opinions however, a code of ethics will individualize these professionals and set standards. By making yourself aware of the differences, communication can become easier between employees of various backgrounds. Two particular organizations to compare may include the American Counseling Association Code of Ethics and National Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics. To address the similarities and differences of the two organizations, it’s important to know what a code of ethics…show more content…
The ACA Code of Ethics states areas of focus such as the counseling relationship, professional criteria, and resolving ethical issues (ACA Governing Council, 2014). NASW Code of Ethics also has specific areas of focus such as confidentiality, professional competence, and societal responsibility of profession (NASW Delegate Assembly, 2008). The two organizations relate to each other in certain ways however show differences as well. Each organization has section topics that are of importance in the profession and require awareness for practicing professionals. The ACA Code of Ethics stresses the importance of the counseling relationship in which further discussion of topics such as the support network, informed consent, records, relationship boundaries, and termination of services are covered. Beginning with the support network, it is important to become aware of anxiety one faces coming into counseling sessions. If a counselor can provide a supportive and safe environment, the counseling progress can run smoothly and effectively for both client and counselor. The social support system of a client is important in order for the client to trust the process and continue services. Resources can be provided at the beginning of a counseling relationship to inform and encourage a client about the process. The social support system can transition into the informed consent required at intake of every counseling relationship. It is very
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