Ethics And Code Of Ethics In Business Ethics

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In conclusion, in our opinion, there are so many standards and criteria to judge whether a consultants’ behavior is ethical and permissible, and code of conduct can hardly be the only criterion since it is too general to cover every aspect in the real business world. Traditionally, code of conduct is an essential way to prevent unethical behaviors in consulting industry, and we can see in the aforementioned case that it did help the consultants to develop the sense of responsibilities and be aware of what they need to do in their work. However, based on some literature, we found out that although the adoption rate of code of conduct is overwhelming, the issue that whether or not code of conduct can significantly improve business ethics has…show more content…
Hence, the answer to ‘what is sufficient expertise to a consultant’ depends on the type of consultants, that is, in Schein’s words (1978), if the consultant is a ‘process facilitator’ or a traditionally ‘content expert’. In the management consulting firms, most of the consultants are playing the role of ‘process facilitator’, and the expertise on soft skills are becoming more and more significant to consultants. Therefore, in our opinion, the code of conduct should in the first place differentiate different types of expertise. As for how to ensure these expertise, we think the most effective way is to make clearer requirements about trainings in the code of conduct. Moreover, we found that in some industry such as accounting and law, the procedures for certification are helpful to ensure the sufficient expertise and prevent unethical behaviors, and some researchers believe that the lack of accepted procedures for certification is exactly the reason to the limited effectiveness of code of conduct in consulting industry (Bogart, 1962). However, whether to turn certification as an obligation in the code of conduct still needs more

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