Ethics And Code Of Ethics

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Ethics are concerned with how human been ought to act given a certain set of condition. The ethics govern an individual while making decisions especially when multiple choices are represented. Business, for instance, has set of principles which act as a guide on how the employees ought to conduct themselves while executing their duty .The set of rules and principles refer to the code of ethics. The code of ethics gives a guide on the professionals expected conduct while working for a given organization. They guide both employees and management while making critical decisions. The code of ethics ensures that individuals strive to achieve set business objectives and goals without leaking production and business tips .By doing so would enable people to develop the same business and offer competition which can be avoided. Moreover, different models have been developed to assist individuals to make the most ethical decision. For example, the Teleological theories model requires taking alternative which would produce best results. Ethics and code of ethics have various applications in real life, especially for organizations and business. The applications include, code of ethics acts as soft law, the principles set by a company apply to that specific company, they form a guideline for which employee ' conduct is referenced to. Moreover, the government laws and regulations constitute hard law. This due to the fact that, they are static for each and every company. For…

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