Ethics And Corporate Social Responsibility

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Practices of Leadership contributed to Managing Sustainability: Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility in the post-bureaucratic era.

“Leadership is the process of directing, controlling, motivating and inspiring staff toward the realization of stated organizational goals” (Clegg, S.R. Kornberger, M. & Pitsis. 2011, p.126.) Leadership in the post-bureaucratic era is essential for the success of a company, and also plays part into the Sustainability of Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility for an enterprise. In this essay I will discuss how leadership contributes to the Managing Sustainability of Ethic and Corporate Social Responsibility for a business in the post-bureaucratic era. In section I I will provide a basic overview of the concepts and ideas surrounding Business Ethics, Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility. In section II I will debate how a company must possess a leader with a sense of power an authority that is able to promote organizational sustainability, but how these managers have the choice to do this both positively and negatively for an enterprise. In section III I will examine new age approaches to leadership and the form ethical leadership as the basis of successfully advancing organisations sustainability, and finally in section IV will review the affect that stakeholders have regarding sustainability and business ethics and how to can encourage and promote the management of sustainability.

“Ethics and Corporate Social
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