Ethics And Ethical And Legal Issues

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A lot of challenges are encountered and requires considerations when dealing with ethical and legal issues in our “Education System”. Cooper and Schindler (2011) defined ethics as “norms or standards of behavior that guide moral choice about our behavior and relationship with others” (p. 49). Also Sileo, Sileo & Pierce (2008) defined ethics as a “system of moral principles and values that relates to individual behavior, a class of human actions, or a specific professional group” (p. 44). However, this relates ethics to be a reciprocal process that communicates the professional roles and responsibilities of individuals. Notably, in every profession or business, there are basic ethical and legal standards that are exhibited. These are: “confidentiality, misrepresentation of results, deceiving people, using invoicing irregularities, avoiding legal liability” (Antle & Regehr, 2003, p. 136). Considering the above, “Ethics is known to be a problem in organizational settings even as shown in surveys” (Cooper & Schindler, 2011, p. 32). According to the authors above, one survey reported that “52 percent of US workers claim to have observed at least one type of ethical misconduct” (p.32). The authors further stated that only 55 percent of those observing misconduct reported the violation. This reveals a drop of 10 percent from a study conducted two years before, whereby strong-culture organization was 1.6 times more likely to report incidents as ethical problems. However, this
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