Ethics And Ethical Business Practices

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Having an ethical business is very important, especially in today’s society. Even though a business may seem to be ethical, if any part of the business does not adhere to ethically business practices, it can cause major issues for a company. This happened to Microsoft when it was confronted for violating several antitrust laws. The concern was that Microsoft was creating a monopoly, particularly within in the internet browser industry. The result was that Microsoft was sued for unethical business practices. Today ethics are an integral to the standards Microsoft sets for their employees as stated in a letter from Microsoft’s Chief Executive Officer Satya Nedalla. In his letter to employees Satya states: “Trust is paramount in how we operate and conduct business with individuals, companies and governments. We build and maintain trust through our shared commitment to ethical behavior and by acting with honesty and integrity.” (Nadella, 2016). In this paper we will look at the events that leading up to the law suit again Microsoft.
Microsoft’s History
Before, we discuss Microsoft’s ethical business practices, we first will review the company’s history.
Microsoft’s Beginnings The Microsoft company was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Bill and Paul had a vision to build a personal computer for every home. During this time, they developed a brand new operating system, called Microsoft Disk Operating System or “MS-DOS” for short. MS-DOS could simulate hardware…
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