Criminal Justice Ethical Dilemmas

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Ethics and professional behavior are an important part of criminal justice administration. There is necessity of adopting ethics in criminal justice system and professionals in this system must consider ethics while performing their tasks. Ethics, also known as moral science philosophy concerned with the study of questions of right or wrong and how people should live in the society (Banks, 2013). Ethics involves moral judgments about what is right or wrong, good and bad. Ethics provides a way to make moral choices when there are uncertain situations or dilemmas. The criminal justice professional especially advocates and judges face ethical dilemma when making a decision. For example a judge may face ethical dilemma while implementing a severe…show more content…
The notion that peer deliverers can be subjected to ‘burnout’ suggests that supervisory processes for peer workers need to be considered carefully in order to avoid the intervention from being counter-productive. Organizationally, one of the salient issues was the adverse effects that peer interventions cause to the security of the prison. Therefore criminal justice professional may undergo ethical dilemma while implementing sentencing for criminal from the perspective of health. There are also incident where health of family members impacted due to death sentencing of criminals.
Ethical issues in criminal justice The professionals in criminal justice system undergo various situations from the perspective of ethical dilemmas. The major categories of ethical issues are: effects on the citizenry, effects on other employees and effects on the organization (Stojkovic, Kalinich, & Klofas, 2012). Some of the common scenarios or issues regarding ethical issues in criminal justice system are:
1. Ethical Problems in the Use of Authority
• The use of authority to promote personal
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