Ethics And Ethical Ethics In The Fashion Industry

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Ethics in Fashion Industry

The fashion Industry in its lengths connected to diversified fields, which include advertising, production, manufacturing etc. The enormous profits that the fashion industry churns create the temptation to engage in unethical behaviour. . When producers, manufacturers, models or consumers are being exploited or treated unfairly, fashion industry have an ethical responsibility to change the situation.

Usage of animal Fur

Fashion industry is infamous for using animal fur and the inhumane treatment of animals. Fur is acquired either by trapping wild animals and skinning them or by raising animals domestically for their fur.

New line of clothing every year encourages
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during 2012, according to Fashion United. The global nature of the industry and sheer scale of revenue creates a number of ethical issues, ranging from working conditions and environmental impact to body image and the use of fur.
Some fashion photography has appeared to exploit the poor by featuring the poverty-stricken in ads for high-priced, high-fashion items, according to "The New York Times." Featuring the poor with items or accessories beyond their means for the purpose of selling those items to the affluent has raised questions about ethical practice.

Working Conditions
To keep costs minimum, fashion industries set up factories overseas where safety rules is not at all a concern and wages lower than in the US. The conditions in these factories can lead to tragic consequences (building collapse that killed 400 garment workers in Bangladesh.)

Impact on environment
Garment manufacturing leads to serious environmental problems. Cotton, a common material in garments, requires heavy pesticide use. The production of synthetic polyester fabric yields a number of hazardous byproducts, including volatile organic compounds, hydrogen chloride and toxic solvents.
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