Ethics And Ethical Principles Of Ethics In Health Care

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Introduction: This statement will discussed two ethical principal and these two principle selected will applied to health informatics section. The Ethics mean to listening to one's conscience or making judgment between right and wrong. There are seven principles of ethics .in these report we will talk about two of them whishes is the non-malfeasance and privacy. These two ethical principles seems to be the foundation and set basic frame work for the practice of health care because they are the viewpoints from which guidance to decision-making in critical situation. -definition of privacy and non-maleficence Non—maleficence means avoid harm or hurt to the patient this can be the core of health care provider ethic (1-2). There are some situation in health care that…show more content…
Example of ethical issue in coding medical record: Fraud and abuse Medicare fraud is the intentional misrepresentation that would result unauthorized benefit. However, abuse is doing mistake without knowing it is not intentional. Some of the most common types of fraud and abuse are misrepresentation of services with incorrect codes. Billing for services not rendered. Unbundling (e.g., listing lab test through separate test while it is done from same sample) .change diagnosis to justify serves. Billing at deferent rate for patient and for insurance company to get fee. Upgrade the service provided to increase billing, allow some patient to use medical coverage card for another patient. All these example cause harm for patient and considering unethical behavior from professionals (6) Fraud and Abuse Prevention Strategies: 1-all coding staff should have good training and develop on going education 2-cleare policy and procedure for coding and billing .these policy should be up to

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