Ethics And Ethics Code Standards

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Ethics is suggestive of what is morally right from wrong. This principle applies to many areas professionally and to human beings as they draw on such thoughts. On the other hand, there is more at risk for a professional to act in their best interest by being aware of regulations, limitations, confidentiality, and ethical principles. Subsequently, a violation in the before mentioned can lead to harm, distress, and lawsuits. In the field of psychology, ethics applies not only to human participants but also to animals. Like a manual that provides instructions an individual that are conducting research has various resources to resort to. In psychology, the APA Ethics Code, which includes 15 substandards is often referenced. For the purposes of this discussion, this writer will be discussing APA Ethics Code Standard 8, substandards 8.05, 8.06, and 8.07 and how these apply to a research study of this writer’s interest and in research. Over the years, it seems that online universities have grown in popularity over the traditional brick and mortar universities. Being that this writer is pursuing a Master’s program in Psychology online is what sparked interest in this subject. Yamagata-Lynch (2014) examines the blending of synchronous and asynchronous distanced learning in a qualitative study, utilizing a self-study in development research approach (Yamagata-Lynch, 2014). Further, Yamagata-Lynch, (2014) being an instructor for both online classes and in person, she has access to…
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