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Since my journey here at Bryant began in September, I have changed so much. Coming here, I expected certain things such as my study habits, daily routine and friend group to be altered. One change I was not anticipating making was my approach to ethics. Over the course of the past fifteen weeks, my knowledge of ethics as well as my approach to ethics has changed. I have become more knowledgeable about the different approaches to ethics and have gained insight as to where I stand in my approach to ethics.
One thing that has changed in my approach to ethics since the beginning of the semester is I am now adamant that it is impossible to arrive at a final answer to ethical questions. Learning about the different approaches to ethics has caused me to see that there can be more than one “right” solution to ethical dilemmas. Therefore, if an ethical question is raised, everyone will arrive at a different solution depending on which approach they take.
When faced with a cultural ethical dilemma I tend to take a pluralistic approach. I believe that we should make an effort to understand cultural differences, but at the same time there are some actions that are wrong no matter where you are from. I believe that relativism can lead to chaos and that absolutism is too strict and judgmental. Pluralism helps to create a nice balance between absolutism and relativism.
In terms of general ethical approaches, my views do not strictly fall in line with any one approach. My approach to
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