Ethics And Ethics In Sports

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ETHICS IN SPORTS Over the last decade the potential growth of youth sports has reflected the popularity of professional sports in the world. Sports events are available 24/7 on television, radio, internet. Sports are an enormous industry. The overwhelming popularity of the sport industry has profoundly affected youth sports organizations. Competitive sports have a tremendous impact on our culture, influencing the values of millions of participants and spectators. When you look at the definition of sports in the dictionary, it is described as an physical activity that is governed by a set of conducts or rules ans often engaged in competitively. The fundamental idea of sport is character building, teaching the virtues of self discipline, endurance, strength and perseverance. Sports are an important part of life, it can bring people together.…show more content…
This is also true while analyzing sports in real life. People participate in sports for different reason. Some participate as a recreational thing or some for time pass, while others participate in sports as an industry and as an business environment. Some represents their country in different sport as the playing behave of their nation so ethics and moral values plays an important role in it. Sports have been a huge public in interest dating back to the gladiator fights and the early ages. The results back then were decided by an emperor, but today we have rules and regulations with umpires, referees, and judges that are there to apply these rules and make sure that each one is being followed. The existence of certain rules and regulations have led to many discussions of ethics as it concerns athletes, coaches, management, media, referees, fans, and agents. Everyone involved in sports are affected by the ethics that are

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