Ethics And Ethics In The Ethical Fashion Industry

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Haug & Busch (2016) presented the model that explains the focus should be on “ethical consumer” in the context of fashion and the consumer is the victim. Ethical fashion should be ecologically friendly and ought to relate to working conditions throughout the entire supply chain, and the environmental footprint of the fashion production process. Literature provides the simplistic view on fashion actors ethics and responsibility. To provide a clari-on picture of the ethical fashion status one should identify the relevant actors and their cumulative influences. The application of informing system of EFSW transdisciplinarity, as shown in the figure 5, the stakeholder actors are the backbone of the fashion industry, they have the power and should take the responsibility for transforming the fashion industry to ethical and fashionable. There is an increased focus on making ethical products fashionable to solve the social and ecological aspects of the fashion industry as demonstrated by the cases (Cicret, OMsignal, Ringly & Beddit) presented in this study.…show more content…
(ii) supplier regulators define laws and regulations for the production area in focus, (iii) consumers of the fashion industry, (iv) mediators those who are involved magazines, news media, forums, activist organiza-tions, etc. (v) designers of the fashion wearables, (vi) creators those who create value for the fashion wearable, (vii) marketers promote advertising for selling, (viii) producers make the decisions on which fashion items to produce, and how to produce them,(x) suppliers those who produce item materials (xi) workers employed by the
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