Ethics And Ethics Of A Public Service

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As the world becomes more modernized and connected to the internet the security of the internet becomes more important. Almost every citizen in the Western World has private and sensitive information that is stored within the web. Most countries give citizens the right to privacy from the government and other individuals. Large companies and even the government has documents that are hidden away on servers. Companies are spending millions of dollars to keep their data private but within the world there are groups of people that aspire to keep corporations and governments honest. To achieve their goals of honesty they hack the servers of the large corporations and governments. They claim that their efforts to achieve honesty and ethical practices within governments and corporations is warranted and is a public service. The general public is still trying to determine whether this practice of hacking into private servers that are owned by governments and corporations is ethical activism. Hacktivism is an ethical practice because it exposes the failings within corporations and governments.

Ethics refers to the practice of behaviors that demonstrate proper respect for individuals. Maintaining ethics in business and government operations is the lifeblood of a functioning economy. When businesses and governments act unethically, people that operate within and outside of these large bodies can be adversely effected. Unethical behavior is usually hidden from the general public
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